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PriceDelta specializes in Vendavo Implementation and Related Services. Our offerings include Business Consulting, Implementation, Application Maintenance and Support, Vendavo Upgrades, Migration, Vendavo Performance Tuning, Product Enhancements, Vendavo-ERP Enterprise Integration, Data Management Services and Change Management for Vendavo Projects. We have over 25 technical and functional consultants, and come with an extensive experience of many successful Vendavo implementations across a wide range of verticals.

Vendavo Implementation, Support & Upgrades




  • Profit Analyzer® Implementation
  • Price Manager® Implementation
  • Deal Manager® Implementation

Support (AMS)



  • Vendavo Application Maintenance and Support
  • Long Term/Short Term Technical and Data Support
  • Covers all modules and all major versions

Upgrades & Data Migration



  • Vendavo Application Upgrade to 8.1/8.2
  • In-memory database upgrade
  • Data, Documents and Custom Code Migration

Vendavo Enhancements, Performance & Integration

Product Enhancements



  • Vendavo Feature Enhancements
  • New Features and Changes
  • Custom Features

Performance Tuning



  • Application Level Tuning
  • Clustering, Load Balancing and Remote Pricemart
  • Application Server and Database Tuning

Enterprise Integration



  • End-to-End Pricing Integration Architecture
  • Vendavo Integration with ERP and CRM systems
  • Custom Integration

Vendavo Business Consulting, Data Services & Change Management

Business Consulting



  • Business Consulting and Data Analysis
  • Process Optimization and Opportunity Analysis
  • Segmentation Strategy and Management
  • Vendavo Data Management Services

Data Management Services



  • Vendavo Data Management & ETL Services
  • Data Architecture and Readiness
  • Data Profiling, Cleansing and Standardization
  • Custom Data Accelerators

Pricing Change Management



  • User Training and Adoption
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Organizational, Social and Behavioral approach
  • Value Realization and Process Fine Tuning

How Can We Help?

Business Consulting

Want to add new features or enhancements? We can give you free estimates!

Business Consulting

Looking for a cost effective Vendavo AMS partner? We can help!

Business Consulting

Vendavo Upgrade? We come with lot of upgrade experience!

Business Consulting

Having trouble with performance? We can give a free performance assessment!

Vendavo Application Monitor

Vendavo Application Monitor (VAM) is a comprehensive monitoring tool for Vendavo, featuring a rich set of dashboards and alerts to monitor the entire system performance and troubleshooting. The dashboards are highly configurable and very easy to understand. The tool brings the ability to enable alerts and notification on virtually any system event. VAM makes Vendavo administration and maintenance very easy!

Key highlights:

  • All Vendavo system information in couple of dashboards
  • Highly Customizable Dashboards and Alerts
  • System Errors and Warnings Dashboard
  • Adapter and Adapter Group Monitoring
  • Heap Memory and App Server Monitoring
  • User Session Dashboard
  • Integration and Data Load Monitoring
  • Document Generation Monitoring
  • Simple and Easy Installation and Configuration


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