PriceDelta Leadership

Ansari Faizal, CEO

Ansari Faizal brings more than 17 years of Pricing and IT services experience with his core focus on Pricing Solution Delivery. He has been a part of over 17 Vendavo pricing transformation projects for many Fortune 100 companies across a range of verticals. In 2015, he co-founded ‘PriceSenz’ – an end-to-end pricing transformation services company.

Derek Smith, VP – Sales

Derek is a creative business leader with balanced experience in operations, marketing and sales. He brings exceptional engagement skills with customers and partners of all sizes. Derek comes with 17 years of Sales, IT and Professional Services experience.

Stephan Liozu, Strategic Advisor – Change Management

Stephan is an industry leading Pricing Change Management expert and B2B Pricing Consultant. He is a known pricing evangelist, thought leader, value coach and author of numerous pricing and change management books. He is the founder of ‘Value Innoruption Advisors’, providing change management consulting.

Oliver Griebl, Strategic Advisor – Business Consulting

Oliver brings over 20 years of Pricing Consulting, Strategy Consulting and Segmentation Strategy experience. He worked over 12 years in Deloitte and played a key role in building their pricing team. He is the founder of ‘Profit Intelligence’ and co-founder of ‘The Market Element’.

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